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December-January is when people re-evaluate their position in life. You wish, you dream, you may make New Year’s Resolutions, but do you really do anything about it or do you just end up back where you started?

So how can you change it?

We start with your mind and here’s how.

Add a dash of zing to your goals. How often do you trot out the same old goals or don’t even set them anymore? Instead, make them crystal clear and packed full of punch so you’re challenged and super excited to achieve. Add something special by including the “WHY”. This will change them from standard socks and jocks to something that drives and motivates you all year long!

Update your stories. Just like your bookcase, I bet that there are lots of old stories you tell yourself but do these work for you? For example; “I’m not good enough… I’ll never make it… I’m too old/short/fat/thin”. Get rid of them and get to the next level with new ones like “I can do it…I’m always learning… I’m enough.”

Get some new strategies. As you do your shopping, add some new strategies to the list for yourself. Have you been doing the same things the same ways and getting the same results? Find someone who has the results you want, learn what they do and then make it your own.

Wrap it up with a plan. It all sounds great but if you just lie back in a post festive coma and don’t take action, next year will roll around just the same as before. So create a plan, break it down into milestones and take action.

As you go throughout the year, know that you don’t need to wait till December to get your rewards. In fact your brain will love it if you give yourself healthy rewards for your efforts and milestones, along the way.

So this festive season give yourself the gifts that will get you the results truly desire.

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